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Our mission is to transition people into leadership roles with ease and confidence

Nicola is the Director at Do Elephants Jump.

She works with a network of professionals that believe everyone is capable of being exceptional when they have the right tools.

Her work has been applied to industries in Australia, Canada and the United States. She has mentored successful start up businesses helping to form their vision, purpose and values.

Nicola is a Solutions Focused Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified DISC Facilitator and Certified Trainer.

Being a big believer in balance she also practices yoga and meditation.

Her passion is to share information.

The Interview

Why did you start Do Elephants Jump?

To help people have a better work experience and to embed leadership thinking across the nation.  It never fails when I tell people what I do their response is “our organisation needs that, you should work with my manager he/she has no people skills, I wish they had provided me with some training when I was a manger, what should I do when this…happens?”

What is it that you do?

Simply we take the complexity out of leadership and remove the ambiguity from communication.

Can anyone be a leader?

That’s a very interesting question and we could spend hours discussing this as there are many variables but if I were pushed for an answer I would say “yes because it involves skills that you can learn.”

Good leaders learn everyday; they learn from their mistakes, they learn from others and they invest in continuous development.

Do you have a leadership formula?

I don’t have a one size fits all formula if that is what you are asking but I have beliefs about leadership and what makes a good leader. For example I feel leaders need to be self-aware as it helps them to be more aware and accepting of others. Leaders need to know when to stand their ground and when to flex in order to achieve results and gain support. They need to be able to adapt, have the courage to bring about change, they need to be mentors, coaches, trainers and facilitators.

That’s a long list.

It is and it doesn’t end there to it is achievable.

So where do you start.

Where do I start with a client or where do you start?

Where does someone like me start?

The first question is to ask yourself what do you want to achieve and be specific, if the response is “I want to be a good leader”, you need to go deeper… what type of leader do you want to be, what skills do you need, what are strengths, what are weaknesses.

But what if I don’t know?

We have a complimentary Leadership Development Plan process available to help you figure that out.


If you would like to finish this interview with your own questions call +61 418 400 828
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Our Mission

The mission of Do Elephants Jump is to help people successfully transition into leadership. We feel it is our responsibility to do more than just handover knowledge… we provide transformational tools, techniques and support to assist people in removing obstacles preventing them from becoming great leaders.

Do Elephants Jump is a consulting, coaching and training business created to further develop leadership thinking and communication skills to anyone wanting to learn.

About Us

In some fashion everyone is a leader whether that be of self or others… our vision is to have people ready and able to step into a leadership role. This business was started from compassion… for many, being a leader of others represents success but without the skills it turns into a lonely nightmare – the job they used to love no longer exists for them and they did not have the skill set or the support to be successful in their new role… where do they go, who can they talk to, where can they learn, how do they find the time to learn…

Now, they could choose to work with Do Elephants Jump where coaching, teaching and workshops are available face-to-face, online, to an individual or a corporation with flexible times to suit most schedules. Our sessions are designed to be short and quick allowing you to focus for short bursts of time, they are spaced out so you can implement and come back with questions and are peppered with challenges to create accountability. We have graduated programs or you can design your own based on your needs.

Our client base is diverse and includes; entrepreneurs, CEO’s, lawyers, students, not-for-profit, schools and health-care professionals… We take the complexity out of leadership and remove the ambiguity from communication.