Coaching Services

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Accountability Coaching

we become your partner to help you achieve a specific goal. We are with you from start to finish providing support, advice, focus, perspective, inspiration and encouragement.

Knowledge Transfer

are loosely structured lessons delivered in a coaching format. Lessons are designed so you can experiment with the techniques or work with the tools immediately. Workshops are short and quick to fit your schedule.

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Executive Coaching

is a time and a place where you can explore situations from different angles, practice a new skill and receive honest, objective feedback. There is no predefined outline for these sessions.

Workshop Design

Instructor led and activity driven
Allow 60 to 75 minutes per workshop
Open group discussions and questions are encouraged
Flexible Scheduling to suit your timetable – before, during or after office hours
Minimum of one week between workshops – provides time to reflect, practice and implement
Our virtual classroom technology allows us to simulate a classroom so everyone participates
We even have the capability to create breakout rooms with whiteboards for small group activities
Onsite options are available


Is focused on drawing from your life experiences
When online microphones and headsets are required

Small Groups

Limited to six people or less
When online microphones and headsets are required

Our vision is to help people transition into leadership roles… but knowing where to start can be a challenge.
We invite you to take our complimentary Leadership Development Plan process
With our assistance you will create a training and development plan
based on your requirements, priorities and timeline

The Process

Claim your 30-minute online, one-to-one, complimentary workshop

To create a training and development plan that works for you

Our Mission

The mission of Do Elephants Jump is to help people successfully transition into leadership. We feel it is our responsibility to do more than just handover knowledge… we provide transformational tools, techniques and support to assist people in removing obstacles preventing them from becoming great leaders.

Do Elephants Jump is a consulting, coaching and training business created to further develop leadership thinking and communication skills to anyone wanting to learn.

About Us

In some fashion everyone is a leader whether that be of self or others… our vision is to have people ready and able to step into a leadership role. This business was started from compassion… for many, being a leader of others represents success but without the skills it turns into a lonely nightmare – the job they used to love no longer exists for them and they did not have the skill set or the support to be successful in their new role… where do they go, who can they talk to, where can they learn, how do they find the time to learn…

Now, they could choose to work with Do Elephants Jump where coaching, teaching and workshops are available face-to-face, online, to an individual or a corporation with flexible times to suit most schedules. Our sessions are designed to be short and quick allowing you to focus for short bursts of time, they are spaced out so you can implement and come back with questions and are peppered with challenges to create accountability. We have graduated programs or you can design your own based on your needs.

Our client base is diverse and includes; entrepreneurs, CEO’s, lawyers, students, not-for-profit, schools and health-care professionals… We take the complexity out of leadership and remove the ambiguity from communication.