Building The Foundation for Leadership

Developing leadership thinking and communication skills

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How important is professional development to your business?

Studies show that most people leave an organisation over issues that a manager or leader can influence.  Is your organisation contributing to this statistic? What reason does your organisation have for not investing in professional development… is it lack of time, skills, revenue? It does not have to be this way.

Creating a Culture of Leadership

Early investment in professional development saves money, illustrates commitment to an employee’s future, sets a clear understanding of the organisation’s culture and is the first step toward succession planning… ensuring there is a choice of leadership talent at the ready to move into leadership roles.

Building the Foundations for Leadership Workshop

Five, 2-hour workshops over a five to 10 week period

This workshop series sets the stage for new employees and is ideal to run when a person has finished their probation period. It is during the first three months that opinions are formed about colleagues, policies and procedures – making this a prime time to learn about personal accountability, perception and assumptions.

Building The Foundation for Leadership is a series of five 2-hour workshops filled with experiential activities. Workshops are delivered onsite, online, or a combination of both. Our virtual classroom platform provides breakout groups for businesses that are geographically challenged so even online we maintain a live classroom atmosphere.

Who should attend
New hires – Emerging Leaders – New Leaders – Senior Team – Human Resources – Managers

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Workshop Goals Include

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Mindfulness of others
  • Understand personal branding
  • More attuned communication style
  • Communicate with increased clarity
  • Ability to provide effective feedback
  • Ability to receive feedback with dignity
  • Creating a vision

Workshop Outline

Self-awareness…. means a person is consciously aware of their strengths, weaknesses and the impact they have on others.

Participants in this workshop will heighten their self-awareness, be more conscious of their assumptions and better understand the impact their behaviour has on others.

With this knowledge participants have the tools to build more productive, effective and trusting relationships.


  • Increase awareness of self and others
  • Build stronger relationships
  • Insight into personal branding and perception

High performing teams…

are cohesive, trusting and consistently produce solid results.

Everyone has a role to play in team alignment;

one way to create alignment is to understand your role and purpose within the team. In this workshop participants create a vision for their position.

Having a vision for a position generates ownership, commitment, engagement and job clarity, which ultimately drives internal and external customer satisfaction.


  • Learn how to craft a vision
  • Connecting your vision to the organisation’s
  • Taking ownership

Communication 360 degrees…

Feedback is a fundamental part of communication and can have a positive or negative effect based on how it is delivered.

Participants in this workshop will discover why there is resistance to providing feedback and learn how to build rapport.

Being able to provide effective feedback and receive feedback with dignity are key ingredients to having open and honest conversations.


  • Learn why people avoid providing feedback
  • Techniques for having difficult conversations
  • Receive feedback with dignity
  • Provide effective feedback with confidence

Being Accountable…

means you accept responsibility for what you do and how you behave.

When frameworks are used with consistency there is clarity and understanding of expectations.

Participants in this workshop are provided with an accountability framework for decision-making.

A decision-making framework will help to align decisions based on the organisation’s values and aids in justifying decisions made.


  • Learn about unspoken expectations
  • Step by step reference guide on decision making
  • Confidently defend a decision

The above modules are supported with easy to understand explanations of how the brain works enabling participants to apply the concepts they learn to multiple situations. The workshops are activity driven and layered to help build understanding and retention. As our brain continuously processes information our workshops are spaced out to allow a reflection period and provide the opportunity for participants to ask clarifying questions.

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Our Mission

The mission of Do Elephants Jump is to help people successfully transition into leadership. We feel it is our responsibility to do more than just handover knowledge… we provide transformational tools, techniques and support to assist people in removing obstacles preventing them from becoming great leaders.

Do Elephants Jump is a consulting, coaching and training business created to further develop leadership thinking and communication skills to anyone wanting to learn.

About Us

In some fashion everyone is a leader whether that be of self or others… our vision is to have people ready and able to step into a leadership role. This business was started from compassion… for many, being a leader of others represents success but without the skills it turns into a lonely nightmare – the job they used to love no longer exists for them and they did not have the skill set or the support to be successful in their new role… where do they go, who can they talk to, where can they learn, how do they find the time to learn…

Now, they could choose to work with Do Elephants Jump where coaching, teaching and workshops are available face-to-face, online, to an individual or a corporation with flexible times to suit most schedules. Our sessions are designed to be short and quick allowing you to focus for short bursts of time, they are spaced out so you can implement and come back with questions and are peppered with challenges to create accountability. We have graduated programs or you can design your own based on your needs.

Our client base is diverse and includes; entrepreneurs, CEO’s, lawyers, students, not-for-profit, schools and health-care professionals… We take the complexity out of leadership and remove the ambiguity from communication.