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Director Online Programs, Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Our work with Nicola was aimed at enhancing the Leadership & Teams in Action unit. Her knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and communication added a new dimension to the program. We worked together on a learning module which introduced students to DISC via a recorded lecture and associated learning activity. The student feedback has been very positive and the module well received. What I appreciate most about working with Nicola is her generosity with her time and sharing of knowledge.  She takes complex topics and makes them simple to understand. If you are looking to engage with someone that is innovative, enthusiastic and committed to her projects this is who you should be speaking with.
"Best workshop I have attended in a long time" 
Gwen Doran

"An insightful process that allowed me to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of a future employer. It highlighted skills and was a useful tool in writing a strong CV."

Michelle Muchatuta
Michelle Muchatuta
National Manager Academic Governance – Kaplan Australia
"I am not religious, but Nicola’s experience has been a god-send to me! Her professionalism, 360 degree insights and the genuity of her interactions with me has provided me with a non-judgemental yet honest sounding board. As a result of her support, I have been able to reflect on and flesh out my motivations, strengths, challenges (and ways to navigate them) in a way that no other professional I have commissioned has been able to do. Her tailored approach and connection with people is rare in the professional consulting industry. Although I am already on what I see as a premium career trajectory, it is evident to me that with Nicola’s support I can look beyond work fulfilment towards genuine self-actualisation!"
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Pippa Quinn – Life Coach and Occupational Therapist

"Nicola got in touch when I asked for some support on a project via Face book. She responded to my request instantly, she offered me guidance in developing a new way of working for older people. She coached me, using her NLP skills in thinking outside the box when developing a new program I am involved in. She asked me the right searching questions, and guided me to find the answers from within myself. I was left feeling very empowered by the experience, and full of energy and knowing. She had helped me clear my thinking, realize the values of the work I was doing on the service development and used great metaphors to help me expand my abilities. I would definitely seek support from Nicola in the future. She has a very calm non judgmental approach, and very keen to support new learning in others."

Nathan Wilson

"To be honest, I was slightly apprehensive at first but after working with Nicola, it not only helped me in my professional life but also my personal life. It allowed me to understand and leverage my hidden strengths while also highlighting my true weaknesses. Overall, this program has changed the way I work. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone."

Maureen Kyne
Managing Director

"I’ve worked with Nicola on various projects and have never failed to be impressed by her energy, skills and passion. She empowers and motivates people to dig deep and achieve great results. Her commitment and integrity are second to none."

Shelley Werbeloff
Owner - Vine Apparel
Something I have struggled with for the longest time is identifying my goals, in turn I have always avoided anything to do with it because I haven’t known where to start. Nicola simplified this process for me, set it out in a way that worked for me to do it so now I have 5 year, 3 year, yearly and 3 month goals which I am LOVING because boxes are getting ticked. I highly recommend her.
Greg Harris
Operations Manager, DLG Aluminium & Glazing
Excellent - Got more than I expected to get from this course.  Very interactive and presented well by 2 interesting and knowledgeable presenters.  The workshop provided me with tools to implement my passion with enthusiasm. Rated 10/10.
John Dean
CEO, Moira Health Alliance

I engaged Nicola and Maureen to help use roll out our new 6 Signature Behaviours. They took the time to understand what it is was that I wanted and developed a program that enabled it to be rolled out to the whole of the organisation.  Managers are still talking about the program and how it helped them achieve their goals.

Julie Marshall
HR Manager, Shepparton Villages

This program was excellent. Two presenters with different styles.  Prevent - nobody covers this side of bullying.  The templates and binder are a great resource.


I have started talking with my staff,  I found your education very valuable, it will not only help me cope at work, but with everyday life.

Mike Parker
CEO, Inglewood & Districts Health Service
Nicola is inspiring, encouraging, full of energy and a great facilitator.  The staff of my organisation was somewhat skeptical of the program and had comments such as " we have seen it all before"!  This fallacy was quickly put to rest when Nicola first met with the staff.  They have been enthused by the possibilities and have talked of little else since those first encounters.  If you are looking for new ways of thinking and getting back an invigorated staff, this is the program for you and your organisation.
Simon Walshaw
Operations Manager, Mingara Recreation Club
Nicola creates a thought evoking environment by encouraging you to examine your pre conceived assumptions and roadblocks which are limiting personal growth. By harnessing this energy and re-directing your thoughts into a solution based mindset, new goals and direction quickly become evident. Her ability to allow this mind transformation in a one-on-one environment in a timely manner means every dollar is well worth the investment. A great coach for anyone chasing business or personal clarity. null
Chhaya Dias
Chhaya Dias
Founder & Life Coach, The Balance Beam

I met Nicola as a fellow coach via a professional networking group. Nicola has subsequently coached me over a range of issues that have helped me be a more effective coach to my clients.  As a result, I am able to strengthen my coaching presence to facilitate successful coaching outcomes.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to "up their game" and step into their full potential.

Debbie Roberts
Quality Coordinator, Inglewood & Districts Health Service

Informative, interesting, interactive, practical solutions for communicating with people, and understanding what makes them tick.

Our Mission

The mission of Do Elephants Jump is to help people successfully transition into leadership. We feel it is our responsibility to do more than just handover knowledge… we provide transformational tools, techniques and support to assist people in removing obstacles preventing them from becoming great leaders.

Do Elephants Jump is a consulting, coaching and training business created to further develop leadership thinking and communication skills to anyone wanting to learn.

About Us

In some fashion everyone is a leader whether that be of self or others… our vision is to have people ready and able to step into a leadership role. This business was started from compassion… for many, being a leader of others represents success but without the skills it turns into a lonely nightmare – the job they used to love no longer exists for them and they did not have the skill set or the support to be successful in their new role… where do they go, who can they talk to, where can they learn, how do they find the time to learn…

Now, they could choose to work with Do Elephants Jump where coaching, teaching and workshops are available face-to-face, online, to an individual or a corporation with flexible times to suit most schedules. Our sessions are designed to be short and quick allowing you to focus for short bursts of time, they are spaced out so you can implement and come back with questions and are peppered with challenges to create accountability. We have graduated programs or you can design your own based on your needs.

Our client base is diverse and includes; entrepreneurs, CEO’s, lawyers, students, not-for-profit, schools and health-care professionals… We take the complexity out of leadership and remove the ambiguity from communication.